Mold Inspection, Prevention & Remediation

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What is Mold?

  • Molds are part of the natural environment & reproduce by means of tiny spores invisible to the naked eye.
  • Forticel
  • Mold floats through indoor and outdoor air.
  • Mold begins to grow when it is exposed to a wet surface & has shelter as well as a food source.
  • There are many types of mold & most are dependant on moisture to grow.
  • Mold is not a structural concern for you when your builder uses FortiCel™.

  • What is FortiCel™?

    FortiCel™ is a coating system that is spray applied to the surface of the structural framing surfaces of your home, used to ensure that over the life of the building, no mold nor mildew will grow on its surface.

    How does FortiCel™ Work?

    Forticel Through cutting edge proprietary coating technology, FortiCel™ provides a finished surface on all building components that will prevent any growth from taking place on it. This coating is virtually permanent and provides a full 25 years of warranted protection.

    Is FortiCel™ Application Common?

    Yes! FortiCelTM applications are done throughout the entire United States

    Is FortiCel™ Safe?

    FortiCel™ is absolutely safe. As an environmentally friendly product with zero VOCs and no off-gassing, FortiCel™ qualifies as a "GREEN BUILDING PRODUCT". Rest assured, FortiCel™ provides a great deal of protection but is not hazardous in any way.

    How Does the FortiCel™ Warranty Work?

    Upon closing the transaction for your home, you will receive a document outlining the terms and conditions of the FortiCel™ warranty as well as an outline of all areas that have been treated in your home. If at any point in the future, you suspect that growth may be taking place in a treated area, simply call our toll free number listed on your warranty document. In the unlikely event that growth has occured, all remediation expenses associated with removing that growth will be covered by your warranty, eliminating the possibility of unexpected and costly repairs.

    For more information about FortiCel™, click here.

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